Ameib Guesthouse offers a variety of self-guided attractions and activities. There are a number of walking trails leading to different attractions, however some can also be reached by car.

The tourist attractions are open to Day Visitors (N$ 100,- pp) as well as overnight guests at the guesthouse or camping (included in room/ camping fee).

Very well-known for its rock paintings is the Phillip’s Cave. In the Phillip’s Cave you can find amongst many other paintings the famous ‘White Elephant’. Especially for those interested in history and specifically bushman rock art, will enjoy this highlight.
You will reach Phillip’s Cave after a 40 minute (minimum approximately) walk from the parking area (one way), or you can directly walk from the guesthouse, which will take you a good hour one way. On the trail to the cave through magnificent scenery you might encounter some endemic bird species like the Hartlaub Francolin and White-tailed shrike.

The famous ‘White Elephant’ in the Phillip’s Cave

Another highlight when visiting Ameib should be the Bull’s Party and Elephant’s Head. Gigantic boulders scattered alongside vast granite fields make for an incredible photographic motive in the soft colours of the early morning or late afternoon.
For the experienced and adventurous climber there is a climbing trail (Klettersteig) around and up the Elephant’s Head; starting off with some beautiful rock paintings at the foot of Elephant’s Head. Once you reach the top of the trail you will enjoy a view over the impressive surrounding landscape.
Bull’s Party and Elephant’s Head can be reached almost directly by vehicle via the car track of 5 kilometers. Those who enjoy hiking can also hike from the guesthouse past Philipp’s Cave, which will take around 1,5 hours one way. Or take the shorter walking trail starting off at the vehicle track leading to Bull’s Party, which is about 30 minutes one way.

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Especially Day Visitors, but also those who decide to spend the whole day exploring the attractions, can enjoy the awe-inspiring Rock-overhang-Picnic spot on the southern edge of the Bethlehem basin, which is being overlooked by the three wise men.

Elephant’s Head after the first rains

Around the guesthouse and camping site, there are some shorter trails.
Starting at the camping site is a short walk, called the ‘Bittern view’. A bench under the umbrella thorn trees offers a view over a very idyllic pool of water, surrounded by reeds and acacia trees, populated by weavers; their nests hanging near the water surface. Other water birds can be seen here as well, such as Egyptian Geese, Teals, Cormorants; and the very patient and observant ones may catch a glimpse of the dwarf bittern.

Regularly seen on Ameib: the Hamerkop

To the other side of the guesthouse, a big dam within 5-10 walking minutes of the guesthouse can be found. This dam offers for an incredible variety of all sorts of bird life during the rainy season. From Cormorant and Egyptian Geese to Red-billed Teal and many Hamerkop, and even the occasional Pelican, African Fish Eagle and Common Tern, this is bird watchers paradise. You can literally spend the whole day at the dam and even get the chance to watch game coming in to the water late in the afternoon.
The most important thing here is to be patient and quiet.

Unusual visitor: Common Tern

There are a few other routes and walking trails on Ameib; like going to Giants Valley, whatever you do, you will not regret it.

Come to Ameib and enter a world where fairy tales come to life, where dwarfs live in mystical trees and giants present you their play grounds.
Explore nature how it should be.

Ameib also offers Scenic Sunrise oder Sunset Drives that take the visitor on a drive in a rustic Unimog or Land Rover through the beautiful and versatile landscape.
Please note that these are NOT game drives; there is no certainty to see animals. Drives have to be pre-booked.

Rock boulder at the Bull’s Party